Privacy Policy

The privacy of any data collected from you is of the utmost importance to us. This privacy policy specifically relates to any personal or professional data that is collected on this site.

The Data This Site Collects

The extent of contact data collected on this website is limited to contact request forms, newsletter requests and forms dedicated to delivering you educational material on our business or industry that you can find throughout the site. This is the extent of the data currently collected as a result of you intentionally submitting a form.

Email address
Phone number

Private Data Usage

We will never share your contact data with any outside entity, agency or advertiser. The complete extent in which your contact data will be used in direct accordance with your specific reason you have provided us that information.

If you signed up for a newsletter your email address will be used to send you our periodic newsletter

If requested us to contact you, your contact data will be used to reply to your request and ascertain how we can serve you.

If you signed up for educational material, we will use your contact data to deliver that material to you.

With all of our communications delivered by way of your provided contact data you will also have the option on each communication to opt out completely from additional future communications.

How We Secure Your Data

We have dedicated and secure systems in place to ensure the safety of your contact data and any data that is unique and private to you. Our databases and CRM systems employ the latest and most trustworthy safeguards to insure no outside party can gain access to your contact data

Access Or Modifications to your Data

At any time you can request access to your personal data from us. You can also update or modify your personal data at any time by contacting us. Any contact modification that is not automated will require authentication to verify your identity